Cup of Tease


Cup of Tease is about one thing. Showing off. Constantly you are shown that there are things in this world that you can't have, reminding you of that old axiom "look but don't touch". Well, our job is just that, to show you what you want; the hot, fresh, new, and exclusive; and then keep it within a close enough reach to make you want it even more. To top off, we'll tease you with only the finest in style, gear, music, and of course, women.

The only thing we want at Cup of Tease is to be your primary source of influence or at least make a damned good effort in doing so. The close attention to artistic detail combined with the visual story telling in our content barrage will keep you coming back in one way or the other.

Like a schoolyard bully, we're going to tease you everywhere you go. If we can't tease through this website, then we'll do it through the social hub. Maybe you're a bookworm. Guess what? We're making a magazine that will not only be waiting for you in print, but on your smart phone and tablet as well. Trust us. You will read it for the articles.

We're just teasin'.